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ab sofort bleibt unser Café geschlossen. Unsere Torten können Sie weiterhin auf Bestellung bei uns abholen.

Axel & Edda David

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Hotel & Cafe Wallburg
Am Heiserbusch 4
23730 Neustadt, 0456151220
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The History of Wallburg

Wallberg was built by the town in 1904 for the mayor Johann Tauscher who was serving the town at that time. The mayor was obliged to take charge of the house within eight years at cost price. This agreement was unsuccessful for many reasons and when the mayor's service ended, the town sold it to Miss Henny Möller.

Henny Möller was certainly energetic and in 1925 she extended the terrace and built steps down to the beach. In May 1925 she was granted a licence to open a guest house and cafe. She called her enterprise ‘Wallburg', probably because there was another newly opened cafe in the vicinity called ‘Seeburg', she may also have decided her cafe had the historical rights to this name as it stood on an embankment close by an old fortlet by that name. She wanted to benefit from the growing tourism, and she was successful.

Henny's homemade cakes, biscuits, ice-cream and lemonade are still a pleasant memory for many of the older generation in Neustadt. ‘Wallburg' developed into a place for socialising and became a permanent element in the social life of Neustadt. In 1965 after forty years as a guest house and cafe owner, ‘Fraulein' as she was then called, sold the business to Mrs Liselott Henschke. Liselott ran the business for nearly 30 years, up until 1994, and extended the guest house.

We took over the business in 1994 and continue the Wallburg's tradition of a well-managed hotel and cafe. Between October 2006 and March 2007 we have totally modernised this beautiful house and today we have 10 double rooms and 2 singles.

One of our priorities for our guests is peace and relaxation, the special location of the house and its ‘Wallburg' surroundings contribute to this. Enjoy the hotel's unique atmosphere to classical music, smoking free lounges and rooms (our hotel is non-smoking) and pleasant interiors. You can view life in the harbour and on the sea from the terrace, the winter garden or from your room. You'll soon feel relaxed. You may even begin to dream about the oasis of peace and relaxation as many of our previous guests have done.